One Kings Lane is currently hosting Dennis Hopper's estate sale, and you have fewer than three days to decide whether or not their price of $15 for a genuine Dennis-Hopper-owned copy of Michael Madsen's book of poetry is a fair one (of course it's fair. Michael Madsen is a bruised genius, and Dennis Hopper was a modern highwayman. Buy it. Buy it for yourself, or buy it for me if it hasn't sold out already).

So far, items that have sold out include his collection of catalogs (both the Sotheby's and general collection) African masks I, II and III (from Africa, just generally from Africa), a "marble insect sculpture," a framed human bone compilation, signed Easy Rider photographs, a vintage riding crop and a Vegas cookie jar.

Items that have not yet been purchased but are "in another member's cart" - another member who, in all likelihood, has no intention of purchasing the item, does not even have the requisite bones necessary to purchase the item, just wants to make sure you can't get to it now when you need it - include a vintage cane with bone handle, a vintage crown cane, and a vintage wood cane. Some jerk is attempting to hoard every single vintage cane Dennis Hopper ever brandished. If you were hoping to pick up even just one cane owned by a cinematic legend today, you are out of luck. It's like that old saying: "Everyone loves a cane, Dave."

Items that are still available for purchase include "Life-Size Day of the Dead Warriors, Pair" ($29,999), Moroccan Door IV ($1,099) and some barstools.

You have two days and 20 hours left to purchase Dennis Hoppers' skeleton army.

[Image via AP]