Diane Lane Brolin filed papers to divorce from Josh Brolin and will return to her maiden name, thank you very much. The couple certainly shared ostensibly happy times on the red carpet, but doesn't she look like she's gonna cry a little bit in this photo?

There were some Lane-Brolin relationship red flags early on. Just four months after their marriage in August 2004, Brolin was arrested for spousal battery (charges were dropped). Brolin has been arrested a few times for public intoxication and fighting, most recently this past New Years Eve, when he was released without charge. The couple were introduced by Brolin's stepmother at a party in 2002, who happens to be one Ms. Barbra Streisand.

In true Hollywood heartbreak style, the papers were filed February 15th, with the legal date of separation listed as February 13th - leaving a mysterious February 14th in between. Love is dead.

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