Two eighth grade classes at Roseland public school in Windsor were made the butt of an extremely cruel and unusual prank orchestrated by a pair of evil teachers that involved tricking the students into thinking they were going on a field trip to Walt Disney World in Florida.

The prank was so elaborate that it involved a promo video, a PowerPoint presentation, and even travel brochures, hotel information, and a fake permission slip.

A student who inquired about flight costs was told tickets were "super cheap."

The bizarre joke culminated in a Grand Reveal that was captured by one of the teachers on an iPad and shown to another class for shits and giggles.

The heartbroken kids were apparently distraught to the point of tears, and some are still dealing with the shock and humiliation of being told they were going to a bowling alley instead.

"That's bullying, and there should be zero tolerance," said parent Peter Topolovec. "I have a lot of respect for teachers and what they do, but this was really stupid judgment."

The school board agreed, releasing a statement saying the teachers exercised "extremely poor judgment."

But the culprits remains on staff, and the board said it has no plans to investigate the matter further.

"The plan is now, just put it in the past and move on, focus on things that are happening in the classroom," said board spokesman Scott Scatlebury. "The further this goes, it becomes a distraction in the classroom."

The teachers themselves have not spoken to the media about the fake out, but one of them has apparently taken responsibility and apologized to the student.

Scantlebury said the year-end trip to the bowling alley will probably be upgraded to a tour of Niagara Falls.

[screengrabs via CTV, Disney]