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TLC's weekly hoot My Strange Addiction profiled one of its wackiest specimens yet last night. Fifty-three-year-old Margaret is a ringer for Mackenzie Phillips who lives in Morningview, KY and stings herself with bees up to 15 times a day. It started as a treatment for her arthritis but then became a recreational activity. She describes the sensation as "peppery" and reports, "No two stings are alike but I feel relief from all of them."

As with many addictions, Margret's comes with guilt and there is a simply hallucinatory scene above of her playing a flute requiem for the bees that she kills as a result of having them sting her. The scene ends with her breaking down next to the hives she keeps in her yard. Also, when confronted by her husband about her habit, she points out that 10 stings make sex "great," and he agrees. There's no further explanation, which is simply infuriating.

In the end, a doctor told urged Margaret to stop her bee habit, fearing she'd develop an allergy and her throat would close up and she'd die like Macaulay Culkin in My Girl. Margaret resolved to cut back to 10 bees a day, but vows that she will "continue stinging." The program works.

Also profiled was a woman named Asha, whose yards of hair she referred to as "Mr. Cobra." Her friend was named Jewelri. Asha referred to herself as the "Black Rapunzel" and a "living legend." Well, now she is.