Facebook photos of a KFC employee in Tennessee making out with what appears to be a tub of mashed potatoes molded in the shape of a boob were recently brought to the attention of local CBS affiliate WJHL, which subsequently launched an investigation into their origin.

It was soon determined that the photos were snapped at the KFC on North Roan Street in Johnson City, and an email was sent to the company's corporate headquarters to find out what was being done to ensure food safety at that particular location.

A KFC spokesman responded by saying that the employee in question was terminated as soon as the photos were brought to the attention of the franchisee.

The worker who took the photos was also fired.

According to the spokesman, the incident took place "after the restaurant was closed and none of the food was served."

But eagle-eyed commenters noted that the employee appears to be wearing her drive-thru headset, pointing out that she would have likely removed it had the restaurant truly been closed for the day.

Irrespective of the truth, the spokesman told the Johnson City Press that operations and quality assurance teams had been dispatched to the restaurant by corporate "to reinforce and retrain on KFC's high operating standards."

[H/T: Eater, photos via WJHL]