What's Smashing Pumpkins bandleader Billy Corgan up to these days you ask? Oh, not much.

Just starring in a wrestling-themed furniture ad for "wacky" Chicago-area retailer Walter E. Smithe.

Corgan, who "has been at least as focused on wrestling as music for the past few years" according to Spinner, told Crain's Chicago Business he hoped to drum up some interest in his Resistance Pro Wrestling promotion by appearing in one of the Smithe brothers' signature "over-the-top" ad campaigns.

"Branding anything these days is a real challenge," Corgan told Shia Kapos. "We have to build credibility in the wrestling community. It's based on visibility and name recognition."

Kapos notes that the Smithes got Corgan to cameo in the commercial for free on the condition that he gets to plug Resistance Pro.

No doubt the ad is generating press for Corgan's wrestling business, but it's also been a boon for punny comments.

"Get yours for ZERO down," quips YouTuber ira82. "I guess... Today isn't the greatest day of his life," contributes blingadingading. "Billy Corgan has fully transitioned from melancholia to infinite sadness," opined Uproxx commenter Stinky Pete.

And one Rolling Stone reader went straight for the throat: "I think Zwan is better than this." Ouch.

[H/T: Chicagoist]