That Guy Fieri's American Kitchen and Bar is a big joke is no big secret.

But now it's also an actual joke.

It seems Fieri forgot to purchase his own restaurant's full domain name (the official American Kitchen & Bar website can be found at the abbreviated, so someone else did — and they wasted no time in turning it into the best parking spot on the Internet.

Visitors to will find what can only be described as the actual menu from Guy's American Kitchen & Bar (see below, click to enlarge), complete with signature dishes such as Guy's Big Balls (extra wet naps are 3.50 a piece) and something called "Football: The Meal."

The lines between Fieri and fiction are further blurred by 'trées with names like "The Blitzmas Beast" (compare with a real menu item called "Guy's Big Bite Caesar Salad") and "Reno!!!"

A slew of merrymakers are taking credit for this Honky-Tonky Double Barrel Meat Loaded Prank, but the man behind the insta-mythical shenanigans appears to be the aptly named NYC programmer Bryan Mytko, who took credit for the gag earlier tonight.

"Guy Fieri didn't register his restaurant's domain name, so I picked it up," Mytko tweeted. "I think this new menu look great."

UPDATE: It seems that some of the jokes that appear on the faux-Fieri menu have been lifted from various Twitter users without their prior knowledge. This image gives proper credit to some of them. Also, it's worth noting that while Mytko was responsible for purchasing the domain, the menu graphic was created by Pauline Vassiliadis.

[H/T: BostInno, image via Guy's American Kitchen and Bar]