After being on the run for over a year, a man wanted for murder in Sweden sought to turn himself over to authorities in Malmö, but was told by officers he would need to go elsewhere because the station was closed.

Saleh Hadri, who is suspected of killing the head of a local gang, has been on Sweden's most wanted list for nearly 15 months.

Which is why he expected to be welcomed with firearms when he rang the police station doorbell yesterday, accompanied by a reporter.

But, much to his chagrin, Hadri was told over an intercom that the station was closed, and he would have to go to a different police station to turn himself in.

"Closed?" the incredulous Hadri recalled exclaiming. "I said I'm suspected of murder and a wanted man – you guys really want to get ahold of me."

Hadri says he came back because he wanted to defend himself against allegations that he killed Bröderskapet Wolfpack gang leader Alex Ghara Mohammadi.

His involvement in the so-called "taxi murder" is highly suspected as he was the former owner of the taxi depot where Mohammadi was shot.

Hadri insists he is innocent, telling the tabloid Kvällsposten, "I'd be an idiot to come back otherwise."

He ultimately did as instructed and turned himself in at a different police station.

A Malmö police commander who was asked to comment on the bizarre incident blamed renovations at the station, telling Sydsvenskan, "things are a bit messy right now."

[mug shot via Interpol]