With Washington having recently become the first of two states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, the local government has been tasked with determining how high a person can be before they are considered to be "driving under the influence."

To test how arbitrary the legal limit of 5 nanograms truly is, KIRO-TV, a Seattle-based CBS affiliate organized a driving test for stoners with the help of a local Sheriff's department, a drug recognition expert, and a driving school instructor.

Oh, and some sweet and juicy Blueberry Trainwreck nugs.

Despite the fact that one of the volunteers was already three times over the legal limit before the start of the test — and all three volunteers were over four times the legal limit after their initial toke — they were still doing fine behind the wheel.

It was only after the subjects had smoked nearly a gram of pot that they were too stoned to drive.

Well, almost: Medical marijuana patient Addy Norton — the volunteer who was already buzzed going into the experiment — was "borderline" according to the officer observing the obstacle course.

Norton only became a hazard after inhaling another half a gram of pot — but by then even she knew she should not be on the road in her condition.

"(I'm) way more stoned. Way more stoned," she said. "Definitely shouldn't be driving."

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