The ongoing beef between Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney and pop idol Justin Bieber escalated over the weekend when Carney decided to change his Twitter handle to "Justin Bieber" just to mess with Bieber's fans.

The two began feuding last week after Carney touched a sore spot on Bieber's ego, poking fun at his lack of a Grammy nomination.

"Grammys are for like music, not for money... and he's making a lot of money," Carney said, prompting Bieber to respond that Carney "should be slapped around."

Taking the unlikely rivalry to the next level, Carney renamed his twitter account "Justin Bieber" and started reaching out to Beliebers as their false god.

According to NME, Carney kicked off the troll by linking to the "world premier" of a new Bieber track — only to send fans to DEVO's "Recombo DNA" instead.

The Bieber Army soon started freaking out on Carney, sending him increasingly nastier tweets that mostly revolved around where Carney stick various sharp objects.

Unfazed, Carney began tweeting back at Bieberheads, posing as Bieber himself.

"this iz not acceptable u r a grown man u have zero swag vibe stop dis," tweeted on enraged Bieber groupie. "Haha lol i can't swag this," replied Carney's Bieber.

Carney eventually went back to being his own three-Grammy-winning self, but he is still retweeting priceless reactions from the Bieber Crusaders.

For instance: "How could you hate on justin for not getting a Grammy while your sitting there like a faggot ass playing cheap ass drums like bye."


[screengrabs via Uproxx]