Hilaria Thomas, wife and soon-to-be baby mama of Jack "Alec Baldwin" Donaghy, faces a lawsuit from a student injured in her Manhattan yoga class last month.

Plaintiff Spencer Wolff alleges that he suffered physically and emotionally after Thomas forced him "to perform a dangerous activity at a wall." Yoga, you see, generally consists of performing dangerous activities on floors.

Thanks to Wolff's comedically fancy pedigree, this reads like the New York Times wedding announcement version of a civil action. Currently a student at Yale, Wolff hopes to add a PhD to his gotta-catch-'em-all collection of degrees from Harvard, Columbia Law School, and the Sorbonne. A filmmaker and (one-time, anyway) Huffington Post contributor, he has also written a novel—which is, delightfully, available in full online. Gawker Book Club, start your engines.

From the novel's abstract:

Part comédie humaine...part epic tale of hope and perseverance, Resettlement is also a personal meditation on surviving trauma.

Sounds like something else he's gone through recently.

UPDATE: Commenter nyc1234, who claims to be a friend of Spencer's, provides a description of the injury (which sounds legitimately horrifying):

I know Spencer, basically what happened is that the yoga class was over crowded, he was forced to be right up against a large window in the 6th floor studio. In the class they were doing handstands, in the overcrowded studio he was thrown off balance and instead of crashing into the person in front of him he went to the side to avoid hitting anyone, his leg went through the window which was not safety glass, it shattered and he impaled his leg on a huge shard of glass, slicing through the muscle to the bone in a number of places, basically shredding the muscles in his leg and now he has to go through a lot of physical therapy to regain movement in his foot. Having large non-safety glass windows in a 6th floor studio that is overcrowded with people doing things like handstands is pretty insane, if he had gone through with more force he could have fallen out completely

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