You had a nice Valentine's Day didn't you? Anyway we sensed that you were feeling too much love and how are you supposed to feel the highs without the lows? Exactly. So without further ado, here are some very low lows: the most bizarro emails you sent us this week.

I think he's looking for this guy. I'll refer you to this.

Subj: attn Richard Gawker

Hey Richard,
I thought sindce youve suppressed my bio and made a laughing stock of
me amongst the superstars and the media that you should check out
files on SoundCloud. Any Chance I could get a naked meeting and or
casting in a bed with Katy Perry or any of those ultra fine movie
stars supposedly on my jock? I will be on LA Casting again soon.
Thanks Alot
Your Favorite Tipster

White triumphalism

Subj: With or Without Sentencing

If you are so concerned about racial inequities, why don't you hire
black writers to write about black issues. Oh, thats right! White
people are better equipped to handle the struggle of the black man per
your lazy, self focused and semi-plagarized "article" that is nothing
more than a link to WSJ article written by yet another white man. You
are wildly lazy, and racist in your own right.

[Image by Jim Cooke]