An auto shop owner from Harrisonville, Missouri, was on his way out of a local Sutherlands home improvement store when he came across an envelope containing $1,200.

For Kyle Osborn, the next move was a no-brainer: He immediately reentered the store and began searching for the money's rightful owner.

He eventually came across man who claimed his father had an envelope that may have gone missing. "We go up and ask him if he lost anything and he looked around his pockets and realized he did," Osborn told KCTV.

The 29-year-old wasn't expecting a reward, but he certainly didn't anticipate what happened next.

"I reached in my pocket and handed it to him," Osborn recalled. "He looked at me and he said, 'I hope it's all there.'"

The reaction startled him.

"I was kind of shocked," he said. "I walked away, that was all I could do. A simple 'thank you' would have been nice."

But Osborn's lost faith in humanity was soon restored.

After recounting his bizarre experience on his shop's Facebook page, Osborn received many sympathetic comments, including some from Sutherlands employees who were disheartened to learn of what had transpired in their store.

To make up for the thank you Osborn didn't receive, the company sent him a gift basket of free hardware goodies and a $50 gift card.

And, like all Good Samaritan stories, this one too comes with its own moral.

"I think older people just tend to observe people the way they look and not who they are," Osborn said. "Just because someone with a beard, tattoos and dirty doesn't mean they are bad people."


[H/T: Yahoo!News, screengrab via KCTV]