Good news if the only thing keeping you from having a baby was the fear that you might not be able to scrape together $99 to buy a crib from IKEA; IKEA Australia is offering a free crib to any baby who is born nine months from today, on November 14, 2013.

People who are bad at math and financial planning take note: just because you conceive a baby on Valentine's Day does not guarantee he or she will be born on World Diabetes day. There's a lot of wiggle room there. It's better to calculate 40 weeks from the date of the mother's last menstrual period, and plan your couponing around that.

People whose babies make the cut will have to present the advertisement (which, presumably, they have been keeping in a small fireproof safe for the better part of a year) as well as "proof of birth" (a copy of the birth certificate? A signed affidavit from the doctor swearing that the child was "of woman born"?) when claiming their baby swag.

After you've gotten your child a free cage to sleep in, staple the crumpled coupon into his baby book, opposite an unused condom and a printed out Snapchat image of his mom's hands holding her boobs.

Happy Valentine's Day.

[AdWeek // Image via Facebook]