Atherton, CA.

The third most expensive zip code in America, and one of the wealthiest towns in the world (median household income: Over $200,000).

You'd think that with stats like that, Atherton's residents would be free of worry.

And you'd be right.

Here are some recent "emergencies" that police in Atherton were dispatched to resolve, per the local blotter:

A pedestrian was reported not to be doing anything strange other than wearing black pants and a white dress shirt while walking at an odd hour.

A man in a while truck reported to be whistling and possibly casing the area was contacted and determined to be seeking his dog.

A woman told police someone was at her door and that when she asked who it was, no one answered. Police responded and determined the stranger outside had delivered a package.

Of course it isn't all dog whistles and doorbells all the time in Atherton. There was that one time something real almost happened:

A resident heard multiple gunshots. Police responded and found a box of used fireworks.

Check out a few more below and then read the rest here.

[H/T: @LisaMcIntire, scans via Reddit]