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Twenty-year-old Mark is the Bill Henrickson of a polyamorous compound of inflatable pool toys. One of them, Leila the Dragon is "like a wife" to him, with some of the sweetest eyes and smile that, quite frankly, Mark has ever seen. Like his fellow looner, Dave who was profiled last year on Nat Geo's Taboo, Mark keeps a pure, non-sexual relationship with the inanimate objects he loves.

Of course, Mark found his way to TLC via My Strange Addiction. After admitting that, "In the back of my mind it's just all in my head," Mark agreed to spend less time with his anthropomorphized toys and more with actual humans. That level of flexibility is uncommon — most people leave this show as staunchly devoted to their strange addictions as they were upon entry. Mark's ending is the rare happy one.

Also covered on the two-episode season premiere were a woman addicted to butt injections, a woman who eats her cat's hair and a couple who spend their days giving themselves coffee enemas. The weirdest thing is that they don't even give them to each other. This show is the best.