"Go from kissing, to condoms, to sexy-time in mere seconds," promises CondAm, the emergency condom delivery service started by The College of New Jersey student Kyle McCabe.

The Sophomore told the Associated Press he came up with the idea for a 24/7 condom courier "while sitting around with his buddies," which is basically how all good ideas are sparked.

TCNJ students in need of prompt prophylactics can contact McCabe via his website, and he promises to deliver the good within minutes.

A single condom costs $3; a 10-pack costs $15.

But McCabe says its the knowledge that he's helping keep his fellow students safe that motivates him. "I just sort of would rather people call me instead of going through with any sort of sexual encounters unprotected," he told ABC News in December.

And it seems many student feel the same: According to McCabe, peak business hours during weekends can see between 30 to 40 orders.

Calls at 2 or 3 AM are rough, McCabe admits — especially if he's with his own girlfriend. "But I know if I get a call there's kids in need," he says, "I'm happy to do it."

FYI, you can ask McCabe to skip the rotating emergency lights if you're not into the whole "letting everyone know you're getting some" thing.

[video via AP]