Now that the story of Christopher Dorner seems to have come to its end, it's time to start rewriting it. Enter the Dorner Truthers. These are the people, a number of whom are on Reddit, who have noticed the strange fact that, in less than a week, reports put Christopher Dorner's wallet and ID in three different places, each of which were miles away from one another.

This is from The Log, a San Diego boating and fishing publication, which reported that Dorner's wallet and ID were discovered near Lindbergh Field, also known as San Diego International Airport:

According to reports, the boat's prop became fouled and the gunman was not able to operate the boat. The gunman in the attempted "boat-jacking" was described as a heavyset man in his 30s dressed in black clothing — and officers are awaiting forensics testing to positively determine whether the suspect is, in fact, the 270-pound, 6-foot-tall Dorner, Hassen said. Dorner's wallet, containing his identification, was found near San Diego's Lindbergh Field on Feb. 7.

This is from Fox News, which reported that Dorner's wallet and ID were found at the San Ysidro Point of Entry at the US-Mexico border:

Investigators say Dorner attempted to steal a boat in San Diego and drive it to Mexico. Dorner's wallet, including his identification cards, was also found at the San Ysidro Point of Entry near the U.S.-Mexico border, the Los Angeles Times reported.

And this is from the Huffington Post, which reported that just yesterday Dorner's wallet and ID were discovered in a cabin so engulfed with fire that Dorner's suspected corpse was charred beyond recognition:

An official briefed on the investigation tells The Associated Press that a wallet with a California driver's license with the name Christopher Dorner has been found in the rubble of a cabin.

Though he botched a number of things in the course of his warpath—a bungled boat robbery, wrecking his truck and smashing its axle, etc.—Dorner seemed better prepared than most spree killers, which might explain why he had multiple wallets and multiple IDs (perhaps he was trying to throw authorities off his track). Another possibility is that press outlets made mistakes during their reporting, thus leading the public to wrongly believe that Dorner's wallet was in three places at once.

Or there's the possibility that the wallet skeptics have found the one flaw in a carefully scripted police conspiracy, and that the police made a conscious decision to lie to everyone about finding Dorner's wallet in multiple places, in an effort to...well, it's not clear why the police would do that. General mayhem?

I've reached out the LAPD in order to ask them about the wallet discrepancies and will update this post if and when they respond. Until then, don't expect silence from conspiracy-minded Redditors, some of whom are already saying the Dorner case bears an unsettling similarity to the 9/11 "coverup": "Reminds me of that passport they found on 9/11... 2 buildings turned to rubble, yet a perfectly legible passport of the 'hijackers' was saved."