This year's two-week Jeopardy! Teen Tournament had a few memorable moments.

There was that time all the answer categories were lyrics from Carly Rae Jepsen's "Call Me Maybe." Then there was that time a show ended with all the contestants winning zero dollars.

But none of the memorable moments were half as memorable as last night's uber-memorable final round.

Leonard Cooper, a kid who only ended up in the finals because those other teens zeroed out, was declared the tournament's champion — but not before schooling his fellow contestants on how to give the most correct wrong answer in the history of Final Jeopardy.

When it came time to reveal each contestant's response, Leonard knew he didn't have it.

He had something even better.

I won't spoil it except to say it was boss enough to make even the infamously stoic Alex Trebek burst out laughing. And that alone is worth, well, about $75,000.

[H/T: Warming Glow]