But her dad says the allegations are false, and his daughter is being put up to the lawsuit by someone else.

That someone might be the Texas Center for Defense of Life, which filed the lawsuit on the 16-year-old's behalf.

In court documents they allege that the girl's parents have used verbal and physical threats to coerce the teen — identified as R.E.K. — into aborting her two-month-old fetus.

The girl's lawyers claim her mother even suggested slipping her daughter "an abortion pill through deception."

Further allegations include claims that the girl is being kept from school and had her phone and car taken away as punishment for not going through with the abortion.

"[The teen's father] stated he was going to take her to have an abortion and that the decision was his, end of story," the lawsuit says.

Texas law prohibits parents from forcing their child to undergo an abortion, even if that child is a minor.

R.E.K.'s lawyers want a court ruling on the teen's right to decide the fate of her pregnancy under federal constitutional law.

A judge has issued temporary restraining order preventing the parents from contacting the girl. The next hearing has been set for this Friday.

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