Have you ever had a casual acquaintance who seemed totally normal and nice and the first time you went to their house they were like, "I can't believe you've never seen my house!" and you were like "I can't believe I've never seen your house!" and then you stepped inside and the floor was littered with mutilated doll bodies and it smelled like apricots and there was no furniture?

That's the kind of relationship America is developing with Amanda Bynes. (Metaphorically)

It's also the kind of relationship Amand Bynes used to have with her neighbors. (Literally)

According to accounts by the actress' former neighbors just published in the New York Post, living next to Amanda Bynes was great at first. She seemed "really nice" when she moved in, and even went so far as to knock on doors and introduce herself.

"…but then she started acting weird."

Among the "weird" things Amanda Bynes allegedly did:

  • Replacing all her regular light bulbs with red bulbs
  • Leaving the door to her apartment open "all the time"
  • Walking into her building's lobby "at 2 a.m. one morning, laughing hysterically for four minutes," and then returning to her apartment (probably to watch old Ask Ashley clips on YouTube)

Amanda Bynes was reportedly evicted from her condo earlier this month.

She told Celebuzz in a text message that she was not.

[NY Post // Image via AP]