Stop staring at the burning cabin on your television. President Obama is about to deliver the first State of the Union of his second term. There's much to look forward to in the address — the first to compete with a major breaking news story since the Clinton's 1997 speech coincided with the verdict for O.J. Simpson's civil trial— including (spoiler alert) news that the Union is "strong," discussion of the economy AND Afghanistan, and, according to CNN, something called a "slap and tickle." And that's not even mentioning this year's special attendee, the patriotic pants shitter Ted Nugent. Tom Scocca will be live-tweeting the speech from the @Gawker account, and we'll have the live-stream here. So stick around to talk about it with us.

And in case that's not enough for you, here's the White House's official trailer for the speech, which, of course, features #dubstep.

And here's the live-stream:

If you want to read along, here's the full text of Obama's speech.