Austinite Todd [Redacted] wanted to see if Wells Fargo could tell the difference between a photo of his ginger self and a photo of a ginger housecat.

Long story short, they could not.

A photo of Todd's new Platinum Debit Card posted on Reddit appears to show the humorous result of his Internet-ready experiment, with the photo ID spot plainly occupied by a satisfied-seeming red-headed feline.

A photo of a similarly pleased-looking Todd has been juxtaposed for comparison's sake.

A rep for Wells Fargo told Consumerist that the bank was aware of the photo, and a statement concerning the "interspecies mixup" was forthcoming.

UPDATE: Wells Fargo responds:

While we're relieved to know that our customer is a real person and not a cat, his use of his cat's photo falls well within our image standards and guidelines on our website. The image on the card is not intended to serve as a form of ID, and customers can add any picture they want as long as it fits our standards and guidelines. As long as this customer doesn't use the card in a dog store, there shouldn't be any issues. ;-)

[photo via Imgur]