Not satisfied with their first try, the film industry has decided to give it another go at a Liz Taylor biopic.

This time, it's a BBC4 film starring Academy Award-nominee Helena Bonham Carter as Lindsay Lohan and The Wire star Dominic West as that guy attached to Liz Taylor's mouth.

The as-yet-untitled film will focus on Taylor and Richard Burton reuniting in 1983 — one year before Burton's death — to play divorced couple Amanda and Elyot in a Broadway revival of Private Lives by Noël Coward. It was very much stunt casting, as Taylor and Burton themselves were twice-divorced at the time and much of the buzz surrounding the show focused on the turbulent relationship between Taylor and Burton, rather than the actors' performances.

Speaking about the film, Bonham Carter told the Daily Mail, "It's about this sliver of their lives together. They were huge stars and they'd never been on stage together before."

There's no word yet when Liz & Dick 2.0 will air. Also no word on Lindsay Lohan's reaction to today's news.

[Image via AP]