After flirting with Twitter last year, it seems that Madonna has decided to give herself over to Instagram. On Saturday, she posted an image of herself peering over a martini glass with the caption "Cheers motherfuckers! I'm on instagram." She looks severe and soul-hungry, like Mr. Burns in a blonde wig with bangs.

Since then she's posted two more shots: A sweaty one of her mouth-breathing as a result of a workout ("Addicted to sweat !!!!!") and one of her in an all-black disguise that includes sunglasses and a Fu Manchu ("Im thinking of shaving my moustache!!!!").

That's three for three in ridiculousness. This is a great look for someone who takes herself entirely too seriously in public, a throwback to when she told Kurt Loder it was "good" that she looked "grody" (like once) in Truth or Dare. She makes Beyoncé and Kanye look like cowards.

Madonna's Instagram could be the most (possibly) intentionally funny thing she's done since Sex.

[Images via Madonna's Instagram]