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Don't say Honey Boo Boo never did anything for anyone. Last night's Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Christmas special devoted a lot of its time to the family's charity work, chiefly collecting a massive amount of toys for Wilco Luvs Kids, a local organization that helps distribute Christmas toys to needy families. Mama June's explanation of her own time of need was moving, as was her haul. I have only found these people endearing, but I imagine that it's getting harder and harder to hate them. They're good people. They treat each other kindly and they do nice things for strangers.

I know that it's in the show's best interest for us to believe this, that it's good PR and that it's no coincidence that the family's generosity is so heavily highlighted. But even before last year's public outcry and loudly voiced beliefs that the show is somehow bad for society, their charitable activity was highlighted: an early episode featured a Christmas in July can drive. They say this is something they've been doing for a while now. The editing of this show, too, remains on point: just when things get sappy, June and Jessica discuss the wings the latter is eating. Levity.