In order to make ends meet this year after suing her financial managers, writer Patricia Cornwell has sold off the following items:

From the New York Daily News:

In three-hours of often acerbic testimony in a federal courtroom in Boston Friday, Cornwell blamed New York-based money managers Anchin, Block and Anchin LLP for a series of renovation mishaps, bad real estate deals and risky investments that forced her to sell off her cars, helicopter and several homes in order to reduce her debt.

Normally I would not feel a great deal of pity for a woman who is forced to sell her helicopter. But in a publishing landscape where authors are often paid royalties based on net sales rather than list price of copies sold and frequently cut out of e-book rights, it is oddly satisfying to see someone make a tremendous amount of money from writing books for adults. The world needs more out lesbian true-crime authors who pilot helicopters and are obsessed with Jack the Ripper and maintained a warm friendship with Billy Graham's wife for many years.

Besides, she used to offer reporters a ride in it and now I'll never get one.

[Image via AP]