Imagine: a New York Times without articles about retirement or a Health section, no Gail Collins, and Paul Krugman wearing a bandana and a cool pair of shades. Endless trend pieces about the death of chivalry and instead of a Metro section, just something called BKLN. The Style section grows three times as large, and covers the same young literary darlings multiple times per edition ("They're young, Ivy-bred, have read Baudrillard, and love cigarettes. Totally boss.")

Imagine no more! In a conference call this week, new Times CEO Mark Thompson hinted at a possible version of the Times geared specifically for the college and twenty-something set. Right now the Times is surveying readers about "the potential for an entry-level product," called NYT Junior (although I'm sure the name won't stick, we youngs hate to be condescended to. You've got to play it cool to get down with the "in" crowd. How about NYT: Whatever, man).

The possible product would feature a cheaper subscription option that would offer content that appeals to younger readers, who should at all times be treated as a Borg-like hive-mind.