After the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary school last year, even the most devout religious people had cause to momentarily question their faith. Why would a loving god allow something so awful to happen? So, afterwards, Newtown, Connecticut held an interfaith service at which many different religions were represented. Now, the Lutheran guy is apologizing for attending.

If there's one thing that Jesus stood for, it was hatred and loathing of even appearing in public with the representatives of other false, hellbound religions. So it's no wonder that Lutheran pastor Rob Morris (whose church one of the victims attended) came under fire from other Lutherans after he participated in the interfaith service. He had shamefully allowed a little massacre of children to lure him away from Christianity's founding principles of disunity and condemnation of The Other. For that, Morris has now apologized in an open letter:

With that in mind, some have expressed concern and in some cases public rebuke that my participation in the televised prayer vigil on Sunday night has hindered our ability to speak this Christian truth into a pluralistic culture. The fear is that by sharing the stage with false teachers, I have diminished the proclamation of the truth which is ours by grace through faith in Christ...

[We] do have a God-given responsibility to be on our guard against all kinds of false teaching. Prior to the events of 12/14, I had already spent hours with my own congregation, catechizing them as to the differences between our Lutheran understanding of Scriptural teaching, the various other denominations' teachings, and the teachings of false religions such as Islam or B'Hai. I had likewise spent time with my fellow clergy in Newtown clarifying the ways I can and cannot engage in events like joint clergy dialogues (which are good to engage in), joint caring efforts (only within limits), and joint worship (not possible). To my fellow brothers who are serving in the office of public ministry, I encourage you to do these same tasks in your churches and communities. It is not comfortable, but it is necessary. To my brothers and sisters who are laypeople in the church, I ask you to encourage and pray for your pastors as they do these difficult, but God-given tasks. Thus, to those who believe that I have endorsed false teaching, I assure you that was not my intent, and I give you my unreserved apologies...

I apologize where I have caused offense by pushing Christian freedom too far, and I request you charitably receive my apology.

Shame has rightfully been visited upon the head of pastor Rob Morris for his unChristian act of coming together with people different than himself. Jesus Christ himself would certainly be pleased with the grovelling regret displayed by Pastor Morris for his actions, which could have given the impression that Jesus' church has "love" for those of different faiths. Only through lengthy prayer to our heavenly father, Hateful Jesus, may he be redeemed.

[NYT. Photo: AP]