Ever wondered why Vint Cerf even bothered inventing the Internet? Small dads.

"My newest hobby has been taking peoples family photos and shrinking their dads in half," wrote Redditor afdlips.

Naturally, his fellow Redditors recognized the reason for the Internet when they saw it, and OP was soon swamped with requests from offspring looking to utilize his small dadding skills.

He did have one request of his own, though: "Stop sending me "dad dicks". They are big and should stay that way."

And, in the end, a moral to impart as well: "If I can inspire at least one thing from small dadding, is that we all need to take more pics with our fathers."

Oh, and, "also. Hire me. I'm a professional photographer and I'll shop your dad down."

[H/T: Sad and Useless, images via Imgur]