After an ill-advised foray into acting and the release of a mediocre comeback single, there was only one direction left for Justin Timberlake to take: creative director for Anheuser Busch's high-alcohol new-ish product, Bud Light Platinum. As part of his new gig, Timberlake will be in charge of providing Bud Light Platinum's "creative, musical and cultural curation." He will also star in a commercial for the beer, which will debut during Sunday's Grammy Awards. Timberlake's take on the move?

"Bud Light Platinum brings a refined, discerning aesthetic to beer that plays well with what I'm doing," Timberlake said in a statement.

Right. That description doesn't quite match up with reviews for the beer, highlighted in a recent profile in BuzzFeed.

Civilian reviews of Platinum were unpromising. "Reminiscent of a malt liquor mixed with the dregs of a Bud Light"; "the smell is honestly horrific"; "tastes like stale raisins," said the commenters at "I can't beat around the bush: this is a foul fucking beer," added YouTube's Hoggies Beer Review.

But hey, we've all got to get paid. Budweiser, for their part, seem thrilled. "Justin Timberlake is one of the greatest creative minds in the entertainment industry, and his insights will help us further define Bud Light Platinum's identity in the lifestyle space," Paul Chibe, Anheuser-Busch's vice president of U.S. marketing, said in a statement.

"In the lifestyle space." That's definitely a real thing, right?

[Billboard//Image via AP]