His Wikipedia page remains unchanged, but Marilyn Manson could very well be dead right now.

The aging shock rocker was about an hour into a performance at a club in Saskatoon last night when he suddenly collapsed on stage.

Band members were initially thought Manson was faking it and played on, but eventually realized he was in distress and rushed to carry him offstage.

There are multiple reports of Manson vomiting prior to, and during the incident, but, again, it's hard to tell if that was part of the show or not. One music reviewer in attendance says Manson told the audience he was feeling ill, but "the comment came across as preening."

Representatives for the eponymous bandleader have so far been eerily silent on his condition, ignoring requests for a status update.

Hopefully he's fine, but, as of right now, no one knows.

UPDATE: Turns out Manson just needed some rest. "Close sources" told TMZ the singer is fine now, but wasn't feeling too hot last night. He is apparently battling "various flu symptoms," and did vomit several times on stage, but still expects to proceed with his Canadian tour as scheduled.

[video via YouTube]