Two women delivering newspapers in Torrance on Thursday morning were shot by Los Angeles police officers searching for Christopher Jordan Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer allegedly on a revenge killing spree over his 2009 firing from the force. A third person who filmed the shooting is also said to have been shot

Both women have been taken to the hospital, One was shot in the hand; the other in the back. The officers who shot the women, the Los Angeles Times reports, were on a protective detail for one of the targets identified by Dorner in the rambling manifesto he posted to Facebook earlier this week.

A second shooting, involving Torrance police officers, occurred about 5:45 a.m. at Flagler Lane and Beryl Street in Torrance. No injuries were reported in that incident.

Chase said that in both instances police came across vehicles they thought were similar to the one Dorner is believed to be driving. Neither vehicle was Dorner's.

"Now it appears neither of them are directly related," Chase said. "In both of them, officers believed they were at the time."

Dorner allegedly shot two Riverside police officers on Thursday morning, killing one; on Sunday, he's said to have murdered the daughter of the retired LAPD captain who represented him in the hearing that had him removed from the LAPD.

L.A. blogger Davey D writes that residents are being warned to stay out of pickup trucks similar to the one Dorner is said to be driving:

TV news stations in LA are warning people not to drive pick up trucks in LA and to obey all traffic laws or rick being shot by police who are all stressed out and tense.. This is happening right now.. Its no exaggeration… I don't care whats going on, we pay officers to be have professionally under the most stressful situations.. No excuse for this bullshyt

[LAT, image via AP]