Back in 2010, Gizmodo predicted that Google Store View — Street View's in-store component — "probably won't result is as many hilarious candids" as its older sibling. Well, it took a minute, but pretty fantastic Google Store View candid has finally been located.

During a recent visit to the Krakatoa sporting goods store in Briançon, France (the highest city in the European Union), Google's cameraman inadvertently stumbled onto a stereotypically French scene: A couple making out in the store's dressing room with their underwear around their ankles.

Poor sport Google has already gone and blurred out the fun parts, but this is the Internet, so of course someone already went and preserved the original for, ahem, posterity.

UPDATE: So, this Google photo-op might have been staged. But, then again, does that necessarily mean they weren't having sex in that dressing room? Food for thought.

[screengrab via Twitter]