Vincent Burroughs, a resident of Fall Creek, Oregon, is suing the U.S. Government and an IRS agent he says coerced him into sex. According to Burroughs, the trouble began in August 2011, when the accused IRS agent, Dora Abrahamson, called Burroughs to let him know he would be audited.

The news came as a surprise to Burroughs, as did the text messages he says he continued to receive from Abrahamson.

"She was sending me texts that she wanted to come out, give me massages because she needed to help me relax," Burroughs said in a phone interview with KVAL News.

The messages allegedly kept coming and, over the period of several months, escalated from massage offers to "racy photos." Abrahamson also allegedly threatened to reveal personal information about Burroughs. "She said she knew more than my mother knew about me," he said.

Then things (allegedly) got weirder.

In the lawsuit, Burroughs says in September 2011 Abrahamson came to his home wearing provocative attire.

"Next thing I know, she's at my gate, I opened my gate, she came into my property dressed exactly like [when] she texted me," Burroughs said.

According to the lawsuit, Abrahamson offered him a deal: sex in exchange for the IRS dropping a 40% penalty, or, in the exact language of the lawsuit: "...if he would give her what she wanted, she would give him what she needed." Burroughs went with the sex.

He's now seeking restitution from the government for their employment of Abrahamson and their failure to protect his privacy.

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