We are not "yellow" journalists who would sensationalize stories in a way that might have a negative impact on the economic livelihood of an entire region. So we will not go out of our way to urge anyone not to visit Acapulco, Mexico. We will simply pass on this latest incident to you, as reported by the AP.

Six men and six women rented a beach house near Acapulco for a vacation. All were from Spain, but most of them lived in Mexico City. On Monday, five unknown men burst into the house, tied up the men, and raped the six women. There was one Mexican woman in the group as well; she was spared after she told the attackers she was Mexican. After raping the women, the attackers drank some booze in the house before they left. The local attorney general says the motive of the attack was "robbery, and to have fun."

Local officials fear this may harm Acapulco's tourism industry. Which is already flagging:

Oceania and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, some of the last lines making port calls at Acapulco, cancelled them in December, the company confirmed.

The violence has included drug gang shootouts along the resort's main coastal boulevard and the dumping of severed heads on city streets.

Well, I don't know that xenophobic mass armed rape, rampant homicide, and a few severed heads should cause anyone to cancel a vacation. Let's not be hasty.

[AP. Photo: Sally/ Flickr]