Denver police are investigating a shooting this morning that left three dead, including two children. Another child was injured and taken to the hospital; all three children involved are under 10 years old.

Police aren't saying much about the shooting except that it happened just before 7:00 a.m. local time.

"At this time we're not going to release the particulars as it relates to the ages or the names of the individuals pending notification of family members," said Denver Police Chief Robert White.

KUSA's reporter on the scene, Brooke Thacker, reports the Denver Police Department does not believe there is a shooter on the loose or danger to others.

UPDATE 1:58 PM EST: The girl who was taken to the hospital has made it out of surgery and is now in the ICU.

UPDATE 2:38 PM EST: Tony Nunez, speaking with KUSA has identified the deceased as 23 year old Mayra Nunez, his sister. The two dead children are Eric, 1, and Neveah, 6. Nunez claims that his sister shot her children and then herself. Three-year-old Isabelle reamins in critical condition at the hospital.

[Screengrab via KUSA]