Congratulations are in order for hopeless romantic, imagined boyfriend and soon-to-be NFL linebacker Manti Te'o: he's finally made a sound decision. Te'o — who was of course duped into believing that he had a girlfriend and that she died of cancer when in fact "she" was actually a he — has deleted (or at least suspended) his Twitter account as he prepares for April's NFL Draft.

According to ESPN, it's gonna stay that way for the indefinite future.

Manti Te'o's Twitter account no longer exists.

The account using the handle, @MTeo_5, disappeared from the social media platform during the Super Bowl broadcast Sunday.

A source told the former Notre Dame linebacker will be off Twitter for an indefinite period of time to prepare for the NFL draft. Twitter accounts that are deleted can be reactivated by that person.

Te'o's advisors obviously hope that giving up Twitter well help keep him out of the type of trouble that has engulfed his life in the last month or so, but the entire ordeal does make you wonder if Twitter was really the root of the problem in the first place (hint: it wasn't). If Te'o fell for a story as unbelievable as Lennay Kekua's then pushing him off Twitter might just cause him to fall in love with... I don't know, a plotted plant? Pick any inanimate object, really.

But, hey, let's not miss the forest for trees ("Lennay Kekua" "attended" Stanford, whose mascot is a tree). Manti Te'o has finally made a good decision. A round of applause for the dunce!

[via ESPN, image via AP]