Under "don't ask, don't tell," West Point cadets were forced to keep their sexuality a secret, or risk expulsion.

"Anyone you meet here, you have to assess their personality very closely, and see if you can trust them," a lesbian cadet told the New York Times back in 2010.

But those days of code words and sneaking off campus to socialize appear long gone in a series of photos posted on Facebook by Knights Out, a group of LGBT West Point alumni.

"This, ladies and gentleman, is progress at an Academy in which we can be proud," the nonprofit wrote on its page. "A member of the Academy's Spectrum group and his boyfriend at Yearling Winter Weekend last weekend."

This latest step forward comes just two months after another momentous occasion: The first same-sex marriage ceremony performed at West Point's Cadet Chapel.

[H/T: HyperVocal, photos via Facebook]