Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dina launched a grassroots campaign to jimmy her way onto the next season of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

We've got to get her on that show.

Lohan launched her offensive during an interview with Mario Lopez for Extra, a program about leftovers. She told Lopez that she'd love to be featured on season 16 and has even already chosen her dancing coach (Maks — he's tough but she likes it!). Dina added that the reason paparazzi target her 26-year-old daughter is because Dina is a single mother and said that she wants Lindsay to get married and have kids so that she can babysitNOOOOOOOOOOOO.

The push comes just weeks after Dina's daughter (who really looks like she could be Dina's sister, don't you think? observes Dina aloud, to no one) reportedly turned down an offer of $550,000 to appear next season.

Dina's message to the producers: Lindsay's too good for reality TV but what about ME, DINA, I'M AVAILABLE.

Dina has a lot of experience claiming to have experience with dance; she famously lied/continues to lie through omission about having worked as a Rockette. While she was not technically a Rockette in the traditional sense of having been one, she certainly knows a bit about what it's like to have been a Rockette, because she spent so much of her life telling people she had been one.

After her Extra interview aired, Dina turned to her legion of Twitter followers for assistance, retweeting people and Lindsay Lohan fan accounts who were eager to watch her Dance with the Stars.

She also tried to make #DinaOnDWTS a #trendingtopic. Failed, but you gotta love that heart.

This is where you come in:

Write to your congressman and demand that Dina Lohan be added to the cast of Dancing with the Stars. Tweet @DancingABC and ask them to change their name to "Dancing with the Stars and Dina" or even just "Dina with the Stars," and then invite her on the show. Write "Dina NOT on Dancing with the Stars" on a piece of paper and then burn that paper (very spiritual) to erase the concept of a Dina-less Dancing with the Stars from your life. Call up the Make-A-Wish foundation and tell them you know one very special kid-at-heart who is DYING….to get on Dancing with the Stars.

Blow out your birthday candles and wish for Dina.

Just make it happen. (She tried a couple years ago and wasn't able to.)

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