A self-proclaimed "ex-gay" blogger who wrote extensively for the Christian Post about "coming out of the homosexual lifestyle" was recently discovered seeking the companionship of other men on the popular gay geosocial networking app Grindr.

In a lengthy missive penned for the Post last year, Matt Moore discussed his ongoing struggles with homosexual urges following his "conversion experience."

"I can, in truth, firmly say that the longer I keep turning away from my homosexual desires, the less in strength they become," Moore wrote in "My Story: Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Grace and Redemption."

Several months later, Moore was still fighting back his natural inclinations.

"Although I have same sex thoughts on a daily basis, I do not, in any way, feel compelled to ever return to a lifestyle of homosexuality," he wrote last August.

And just last week, Moore was again behind a keyboard bemoaning his "overwhelming loneliness," but assuring his readers that it was worth it.

Many, many days I have failed to fight perfectly. I have at many times in my walk stooped down and willingly spoon-fed myself the familiar, vile vomit that is sin. Yet, in each and every one of my failures- I was given grace; grace to repent and to keep following after Jesus.

One of these so-called "vomit-feeding" moments surfaced yesterday, when Zinnia Jones of Freethought Blogs posted a tip from a reader who claimed Moore was on Grindr looking for "special friends."

Though the fact that the Grindr profile used the same photo of Moore found on his Christian Post page left room for equivocation, Moore himself quickly confirmed to Jones that it was truly him on Grindr, and that he had once again strayed from the Righteous Path.

"Creating a grindr profile and talking to guys on it was major disobedience on my part," he told Jones, "disobedience to Christ."

He continued: "Thankfully, I believe that He forgives me for this disobedience. I believe the blood of Christ covers this disobedience. And I won't be on grindr again….ever."

Jones says she's glad Moore confessed, but is disappointed by his needless hypocrisy.

"So-called 'ex-gays' publicly promote the notion that LGBT people are sinning against a god who will torture them eternally if they fail to suppress and deny their true nature," she wrote on her blog. "But privately, they often seem to have trouble practicing what they preach."

[image via Zinnia Jones]