Hey, guys. Have you heard about this guy J.C.? He's a cool dude with some pretty radical ideas. He wanted everyone to be chill to one another, like the TOMS shoe guy, and he wore strappy gladiator sandals everywhere. He ended up getting betrayed by one of his best bros. Yeah, I guess you could say this J.C. was pretty neat.

What does J.C. stand for? Nah, playa, not Chasez. We're talkin' Jesus Christ.

According to Us Weekly, fat blunts and their eyes aren't the only things Hollywood's baddest teens are rolling these days; they're also rolling themselves right through the door of a respectable bible study meeting.

Regular attendees of Hollywood's hottest and boringest club night are said to include Selena Gomez, a guy from 90210 whose Twitter bio describes him as "Christian" and Vanessa Hudgens – the Mary Magdalene of the group who probably thought "bible study" was code for something cooler. ("'Bible study' huh? Maybe I can bring my 'friend' 'Molly' haha...")

Justin Bieber and his mother Pattie are also rumored to have attended past meet-ups.

The group is said to be organized by E! correspondent Jason Kennedy, who earns his meager pittance reporting on who his young charges are smooching and with whom they are doing the hanky panky.

According to US, the group meets once a month in the conference room of a Beverly Hills hotel for "coffee and conversation."

And probably a little coke in the bathroom, right?

[US // Images via Getty]