...7,8, better stay up late. 9, 10, location, location, location.

It was the house where iconic movie monster Freddy Krueger first infiltrated the nightmares of unsuspecting sleeping teens, but a Los Angeles real estate company hopes it will be a different kind of dream home for at least one brave buyer.

The three-bedroom, two-story "traditional/modernist fusion" home in Hollywood's Spaulding Square neighborhood may be better known to horror film buffs as the site of 1984's seminal slasher flick A Nightmare on Elm Street (as well as at least two sequels), but Rodeo Realty swears the scariest thing about this $2.1 million house is how reasonably priced it is.

Appropriately, the house which bares the same street number (1428) as its fictional counterpart was once a real-life nightmare for current homeowner Angie Hill.

"It was horrible," she told AOL Real Estate. "It was the only house on the street that looked beaten up. The pool looked like it hadn't been touched in 10 years — it was black."

The interior of the house underwent a total remodeling, with nearly every square inch gutted and redone.

Except the furnace in the basement where Hill keeps the dusty old bladed glove she lifted off a child murderer who used to live in the neighborhood until all the parents got together and burned him alive.

[photo via Redfin]