A homeless, hatchet-wielding hitchhiker named Kai is being hailed as a hero after saving a woman from the clutches of a bear-hugging racist who claimed to be the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.

The story goes like this: After ramming his car into a black Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) worker in West Fresno and pinning him to his utility truck, an unidentified man attempted to make things much worse by exiting his vehicle and physically pulling on the injured worker.

Tanya Baker, an eyewitness, saw the man walk back to his car and tried to stop him, only to have him turn around and try to smother her with a bear hug.

"He just kept saying he's Jesus Christ and he's going to save all of us," she told the local Fox affiliate, KMPH, "but we have to get - he used the n-word, meaning the black people — he said we need to get them off the earth."

Enter Kai, who was hitching a ride with Racist Jesus at the time of the accident.

"Like a guy that big can snap a woman's neck like a pencil stick," he recalled thinking at the time. "So I fucking ran up behind him with a hatchet - smash, smash, suh-mash!"

Kai's hatchet blows managed to beat the driver back, ultimately saving Baker — and others — from an unknown fate.

The PG&E worker was rushed to the hospital with two broken legs; the driver was also removed from the scene with non-life-threatening injuries. He is currently in police custody.

Meanwhile, Kai has become something of a guru to many after participating in an eminently quotable interview following the drama.

Make sure to check it out below, if only for his inspirational soliloquy on how everyone is "worthwhile," regardless of "looks, skills, or age, your size or anything."

UPDATE: The suspect has been identified as 54-year-old Jett Simmons McBride. He was arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of attempted murder. The PG&E worker, meanwhile, was still in hospital, but was reportedly "in good spirits."

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