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From the second she appeared silhouetted in black against a field of smoke and ghosts to the moment she cut power to the New Orleans Superdome just to prove to Michelle that she could, it was clear that Beyoncé viewed the Super Bowl as a Beyoncé concert where a few fans had gathered in the parking lot to play a quick game of touch football.

In this video, you will find:

  • A fire sculpture of Beyoncé's face facing Beyoncé's face
  • Booties (pert)
  • Booties (popped)
  • A guitar made of sparklers
  • Knee socks
  • Beyoncé dancing against video images of Beyoncé
  • The disembodied voice of Sean Paul
  • Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams bouncing up onto the stage from a subterranean holding cell
  • Like this:
  • And this:
  • And then this:
  • !
  • A promotional song for a movie that came out thirteen years ago
  • Scat
  • All the moves we practiced
  • The ground turning into a ring of hellfire
  • The fear in Michelle's eyes
  • HaAaAaaaAAaAlo
  • Beyoncé collapsing backwards as though dead
  • (But she will never die)

Later, this:

[Video via NFL]