Just like Katie Couric's interview with Manti Te'o last week, Dr. Phil's session with Te'o's hoaxer Ronaiah Tuiasosopo was basically a lot of sorry explanations from Ronaiah followed by an equal number "are you for real?" faces from Dr. Phil.


Dr. Phil: You can speak in that voice?

Ronaiah: Correct.

Dr. Phil: Let me hear that voice.

Ronaiah: I-I can't.

Dr. Phil: Gimme a little of the voice?

Ronaiah: Um... I'm sorry, it's really awkward and uncomfortable.

Dr. Phil: So when you lef that voicemail, that's you on the phone, alone, nobody else is in the room? That's you on the phone?

Ronaiah: That's me.

Dr. Phil: Without question, that is your voice on the voicemails that we played?

Ronaiah: Correct.

Dr. Phil: People need to see you speak in that voice. What's the easiest way for you to do that?

Ronaiah: I can't.

Dr. Phil: So you're telling me that you're telling the truth and I'm telling you that the best scientific analysis in the world is saying it is not, so I'm saying just do the voice.

Ronaiah: For me to just do it, like, you know, I've never done it in front of people. Every single time I have ever spoken in that voice I was never by people. I was in a dark room away from people.

Dr. Phil: Did you ever just wake up and forget to use Lennay's voice?

Ronaiah: I'm not trying to be funny but that's kind of a rookie mistake.

And scene.

But Dr. Phil — a true TV vet — left us guessing about whether or not Ronaiah's "Lennay Kakua" voice could possibly be for real until the second half of the interview airs tomorrow. Really, Dr. Phil?

Update: Dr. Phil's lawyers have asked us to remove the video that previously accompanied this post. In its place, please accept the above textual reenactment.