Images released today by a judicial order provide a disturbing window into the hard drive — and fantasies — of "Cannibal Cop" Gilberto Valle, the NYPD officer accused of plotting to kidnap, kill and eat a woman: a photo of a naked woman, face down, hog-tied on a pan with an apple in her mouth. Another woman, bound and tied to a spit, rotating over an open campfire. A cartoon of a guy in an apron, adding salt to a pot in which a woman is being boiled alive.

Just some light reading for prospective jurors!

Defense lawyers for Valle were forced to publicly release the images, which constitute the appendix to a jury questionnaire they've been using in an attempt to screen jurors they believe would be unfair to their client. They'd attempted to keep the questionnaire sealed, but lost a legal challenge from the New York Post.

Among the questions in the document:

And, oh boy, those images. Initially seized from Valle's hard drive by investigators last year, and given to the defense by the prosecution, they run the gamut from creepy softcore to creepier staged (we hope?) human-cooking to a bizarre cartoon — somehow the creepiest of all. The face of the woman in the cartoon is obscured, according to the prosecution, because Valle had replaced it with the face of "a real victim."

Be warned — they're graphic and not safe for work.

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