Dazed and Confused star Jason London had a very bad weekend — he was punched by a bouncer and arrested for disorderly conduct. Still! The cops who arrested him had a worse one, given that they had to clean Jason London's shit out of the back of their cop car.

Yes, Jason London, the more successful of the London twins by dint of not being an abusive addict, shit his pants in the back of an Arizona cop car. From TMZ:

On his way to the police station ... Jason uttered a homophobic slur to the cops ... saying, "Guess what fa**ot? I f***ing love this. I f***ing own you guys so hard. I'm rich and I'm a motherf***ing famous actor! F***ing look me up, bitch."

Jason continued ... "It smells like s**t in your car and your breath smells like diarrhea." According to the police report, Jason then leaned to the left and crapped in his pants. Jason then said, "I told you I'm happy as s**t."

According to the police report London was in the car because he'd sneezed on a bouncer, and then, instead of apologizing to the bouncer, punched the bouncer; according to London, "I got jumped by three 250 pound bouncers. They knocked me out and beat me for several minutes. [...] I hate Arizona." Something we can all get behind!