According to the anti-regime human-rights group Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, as many as 80 men were found killed execution-style in an Aleppo suburb on Tuesday, many with their hands bound behind their backs. The group claims to have documented the massacre's aftermath — details of which are still obscure — in a series of extremely graphic videos it posted to its Facebook page.

The bodies, all men between 20 and 30, were said to have been found floating in, and along the banks of, a river near Aleppo. The SOHR says it has identified 17 of the 65 bodies that have been recovered, and that the total number of bodies could hit 80, "since there are still bodies floating the river." The men's identities, and the reason for their deaths, are unknown; according to The New York Times, someone in the video suggests that they were killed "because they were Sunni Muslims."

Aleppo, Syria's biggest city, has been the site of a stalemate between government and rebel forces since last summer.

[NYT, image via AP]