The world cried out for more words on puppy-rescuing Newark Mayor, New Jersey Senate hopeful and Twitter celebrity Cory Booker, and Buzzfeed has delivered — 5,000 of them, answering the question "Can Cory Booker Keep It Together?" (the answer: Maybe?). Unfortunately, only a handful are devoted the only question anyone really cares about: is he gay? The answer, again, is "maybe?"

His spokesman refuses to say one way or the other. From the profile:

The rumor resurfaced more recently following the release of Booker's Stanford Daily column, which prompted the site, Jezebel, to run the headline, "Cory Booker Tackles Cory Booker's History of Homophobia - So Is He Gay or What?" It's not a subject political operatives in the state will shy away from gossiping about, either. When asked about the mayor's sexuality, a spokesman said they "would not comment on such matters." Booker, of course, talks openly about dating women.

We've heard rumors on both sides on the fence. It comes up every time we write about Booker, and more frequently when our sister site Jezebel describes him as an "imaginary boyfriend." (One commenter called it "that rainbow hued elephant in the room.")

But former Jezebel editor Anna Holmes says she's heard from a "very reliable source" (wink wink) that he's straight:

Our gossip-mongering boss Nick Denton says a friend told him that Booker is "Very supportive but definitely straight! Think he is sort of a dawg."

Which might make Cory Booker the first person about whom Nick Denton is more confident in proclaiming heterosexuality than his own spokesman.

[Buzzfeed, image via AP]